3D PLUS Sas -France


“Over the years we have selected a range of products and companies that we believe to be superior for quality and reliability. We will continue to do so”


3D Plus offers a full lineup of radiation tolerant products including memories, POL converters, interfaces, peripherals and protection ICs , and, industrial memories, Solid-State Drives, camera heads and more complex System-In-Package (SiP) solutions.Our State-of-the Art stacking technologies and recognized design, manufacturing and test expertise are the foundation and the strength of 3D Plus Products, and, they bring breakthrough advantages to our customers’ electronic designs:

  • Extreme miniaturization
  • Very high density
  • High performance / very high speed / excellent signal integrity
  • High reliability
  • Rugged to extremely harsh environments and Space radiations
  • Space qualification and very large flight heritage
  • Dedicated customers support team

Our catalog products and SiP solutions respond to a diverse range of needs and meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in the industrial, computing/telecom., security and defense, avionics, medical and space markets.