1987 Fly Electronics Srl is established , associated with Dacor Elettronica Srl , to follow the defence and avionics markets . The first companies represented by Fly Electronics are Abbott Electronics ( now Martek Power) and Micropac Industries Inc. . Start at the same time also to offer a brokering service . The headquarters is in Bresso.
1992 Fly Electronics moved to Cinisello Balsamo (MI) and continues as a complete independent company. Given the trend of the market , Fly decided to direct its business sector also to the space and acquires the representation of Space Electronics Inc. .
With this new representation Fly participates in relevant space programs supplying radiation tolerant products to Laben Spa , a leading company worldwide for the realization of both scientific and commercial satellites.
1996 Fly Electronics decides to expand its line card by signing new contracts for representation and distribution with companies such as Xcel Power Systems, Babcock , ACPS know . , ect.
1999 Fly Electronics acquires the representation of 3DPlus , a French company that overlooks the space market with an innovative product. Will prove to be an excellent choice that will allow Fly Electronics in the years to participate in major space projects in Italy.
2000 Fly Electronics moved to new offices in Cusano Milanino . Is increased the sales network using both direct sellers of commercial agents to cover different industrial areas in Italy.
2002 Fly Electronics is joining the group Euroreptech ( www.euroreptech.com ) . The intent of this group of representatives and European distributors is to exchange information on major space programs and defense policy at the European level in order to adapt the offer in terms of product.
2005 Fly Electronics began working in partnership with some U.S. distributors trained and certified not present on the Italian territory in order  to offer to its customers an adequate stock.
2008 Fly Electronics acquires distributions of AHV Inc. and Matek Power UK . In addition, he began a collaboration for the sale of the products of division ” Sensing & Control” of Honeywell. From this moment Fly Eectronics also has an important offering for the medical  and railway market.
2011 Fly Electronics completes the program of quality management that in order to be certified AS 9120 rev. A EN 9120 : 2010 as “Supplier of Electronics Components and Sub -System to the Aerospace Industry”. Fly also began a collaboration with the group TT Electronics which gave us the opportunity to increase the offer of electronic and electromechanical components to our customer.
2012 Fly Electronics acquires the representation and distribution of MS Kennedy Corp., a U.S. company specializing in products for avionics and space applications . This company it will integrate perfectly with the strategies of selling Fly Electronics who prefer products for applications in niche markets.
2014 Fly Electronics acquires the representation  of RAKON SA, company specialized in RF products, and HTT Srl company specialized in custom products.
2018 Fly Electronics acquires the distribution and representation of DIAMOND SA company specialized in the production of high reliability connectors for optical fiber.